Sunday, April 26, 2009

Been a while...

Events of the past month have turned my brain into a black hole of fears, loves, hates, passions, thoughts racing through of every kind. Good and bad. Confusing and simple. Wait... that right there is my problem... my inability to simplify things. At times in my life I seem to take a single event or action and run it over in my mind. Thinking of the actual outcome and all the zillions of possible outcomes. My mind can over analyze anything... anything at all. The way my mind works is sometimes a wonderful thing, at other times I wish I could just shut it off completely (I've tried, nothing works? Advice?)

Anyway... here I am at the end of the month with simply no answers to any of the life changing decisions that I must make - I'm only left with more questions. These are decisions that will effect my life, my daughters life. I feel like I'm in the most tense game of chess and there is a roomful of silent people just staring at me waiting to make my move. 

I ponder whether I should go into specifics of what is going on in my life. Not sure if the world needs to know that much about my personal affairs at this time. I don't know, maybe I will share some of it at some point but only time will tell. All I know is that I need to make some very important decisions and though I don't want to rush the choice I make; I need to make these decision soon and final.

That is all for now, just a quick brain blurb.

xoxo ~Silly


Allin said...

Whats going on buddy....
Dont over think it...just do it

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