Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bouncing Boobs...

Ok. Never in a million years did I think one tiny set of bouncy boobs would have such an effect. Yet my oh my have they had some response. Below are just over a hundred of the responses I received on my new avatar. Along with all the responses I did receive, I've gained approximately 50 new followers. Ahhhhhh... the power of Boobs!

(and a little side note, you can only see the boobs bouncing if you look at Twitter on the web... if you are using Tweetdeck or a mobile device you will see boobs... but you won't see them bounce, so make sure you take a trip to the web, lol - SO worth it!)

If you are reading this and not familiar with Twitter... you can find the bouncing tits at:
  1. Beautiful avatar.
  2. WOW!
  3. o.O
  4. Nice fucking tits babe. 
  5. the bouncing. it's... hypnotic
  6. Love the Avatar
  7. You are toooooo funny! I just saw your new profile pic.
  8. HOLY... CRAP. I should be classy. I'm pretty sure every other guy will say something so... Nice new picture. I like it :)
  9. wowza... totally mesmerized by your new avatar
  10. <----one of the best avatar i seen...ahahaa
  11.  I will do anything and go anywhere for a rack like that. :D
  12. they will come in handy during my hypnotherapy sessions
  13. wow Sue, i almost didn't recognize you :)
  14. the bouncing cleavage avatar is just..... dreamy *licks*
  15. still staring... i think you've made me cross to the other side.
  16. let me know if your followers increase, I might have to try that:)
  17. mama! *makes sucking noises*
  18. how do you make ur eyes do that?
  19. I find it offensive you are exposing my chest for your avatar.
  20. i am NO Homo but that avatar definetly caught my attention  like they don't even look real... frickn perfect.. NO HOMO
  21. i AM trY inGtoTYpe but my head keeeps going up and down
  22. yep, you know how men do, we get hypnotize by the breast
  23. im trying to bounce mine right now. lol.
  24. You need a BellyButton to go with yur uhmmm icon(s) !!
  25.  I think my eyes just popped out of my head.
  26. love your avatar
  27. no comment
  28. I'm sorry, I was watching the bouncing boobs. Did you say something? :D
  29. HA! Love it.
  30. Awesome avatar.
  31. Babe, everyone within eyeshot thinks I'm surfing porn when I'm in twitter, and oh, by the way... Yowzia and Schwing!
  32. I like that ICON wiggling,,,,that;s so nice,,Have a nice night
  33. It definitely has a hypnotic effect. Its hard to look away.
  34. It definitely has a hypnotic effect. Its hard to look away.
  35. Oh their animated too, careful or you may hypnotize someone lol
  36. If I keep watching the bouncing boobs, you'll hypnotize me, and I'll be under your power! ;)
  37. Wow. LOL
  38. Umm, about the if Twitter wasn't distracting enough.
  39. Oh I love your new avatar....... mesmerising....
  40. the boobs are really distracting me. can't. look. away. ;)
  41. Staring isn't a problem. It might be a bit hard to explain to my wife tho. ;)
  42.  I like your new pic! wowzers! :P
  43. Very distracting.. in a good way :o)
  44. wow love that pic :)
  45. I'm gonna be so distracted when we tweet from now on, LOL. so my apologies!
  46. Your posts are making me nervous now :)
  47. I can't concentrate any longer... have to ban Twitter :) life must go on...aaaaaaaaaaah
  48. you can shake them anytime for me :)
  49.  I can't focus with those things bouncing in mah face!
  50. how on earth did you do this "amazing" avator darlln' , think u put womens movement back by oh 10-15 yrs LOL
  51. Really loving the bouncing tits avatar! Wish they were all that thoughtful.
  52. how can I shut my eyes with your boobs bouncing like that?
  53. nice pic
  54. OMG I just saw your AV! : ) Sue> you are impossibly hysterical! I am following YOU!
  55. OMG I just saw your AV! : ) Sue> you are impossibly hysterical! I am following YOU! (via @thronkus) seconded
  56. i like ur display picture haha
  57. *giggles* I think I woke up to see your boobs bouncin' on Twitter.
  58. nice new avi Sue ;)
  59. wow nice pic
  60. your bouncing boobs r a great distraction, but also a welcome pleasure, i am happy to endure the distraction u do know how much men endure for boobs, right? and hey, they r pretty, they just keep bouncing and bouncing and bouncing
  61. nice pics! I mean pic! ;)
  62. My oh my that's quite the enticing new avatar you got there missy.
  63. lol i just saw your new avatar thingy... :P
  64. I can barely see ur pic on my blackberry but is that boobies!? Lmfao
  65. wow, gorgeous! :-D
  66. uhhhh, are those yours?? They are lovely. And so bouncy.
  67. great avatar
  68. what do boobs & martinis have in common? 1 is not enough, 3 is unnatural
  69. OMGosh, your profile pic had me LMAO
  70. For the next weeks everybody will just tweet about your pic...oh yeah.
  71. Love the new avatar . :)
  72. They are intransing.
  73. for the mother fucking win!
  74. Nice um, boobs?
  75. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  76. wow cool avatar ;-) all yours? Hehe
  77. your boobs are putting me off
  78. I must admit I have not seen a moving avatar since my Myspace days :)
  79. omgz they DO bounce! Lmao
  80.  I applaud your sexy avatar but really I am jealous. LOL
  81.  An avatar for the ages!
  82.  :P I am lovin the new pic. very, very eye popping!
  83. Quite the new pic you've chosen! :)
  84. Well like Dave Atell said " I can't walk around with one ball hanging out and expect to get the same attention as cleavge!"
  85. I just found out your avatar moves. It doesn't do that in Tweetdeck.
  86. Sue you keep hypnotising me with your profile pic! :) x
  87. Is it you or a boob double?
  88. ok. you are really tripping with that!!
  89. a new form if hypnotism?
  90. Quick question: Are they yours?
  91. Ur. Av. Is. Killin'. Me! Rotating Avs can be irritating cause you lose track of your friends, but yours are always fun!
  92. I like the image it gives me lots of ideas..... naughty boy!!!!
  93. UM... Your avatar has rendered me useless.
  94. I am am a very hard time reading your tweets!!!! ;o)
  95. Your Twicon is very distracting
  96. You should have gotten permission before you decided to use my breasts as your avatar. :-)
  97. you must be riding on a bumpy road, ☺
  98. GOTDAMNIT change this avatar
  99. about to unfollow u cuz im startn to feel reeeeeaaallllyyy gay
  100. Those bouncin' boobs are hilarious!! Somebody should tweet them to Eric Cantor - I could see his face now-Ha!
  101. Every time I see your avatar I can't help but to laugh. You bring me joy.
  102. Hi Sue, you know I always comment on ur new avatars! The "bouncing boobs" qualify for the best ever! You've topped yourself ths time!! :)
  103. very nice your pic ;-) have a nice day!
This is about 24 hours of responses. I tried my best to put all of them on here though I'm sure I left some out. Thanks everyone! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Socks & Sex...

My latest question and answer post is thanks to one of my awesome followers @whoopsie. Other than just having a kick ass user name, this person is a great follow, so if you're so inclined go find and follow!

@whoopsie suggested I pose the following question to my users:

What do *you* think?? Bedroom etiquette - socks kept on or off when making whoopee under the duvet?

The response was really good on this question. Though most flat out said "Socks off!", take a read at what everyone had to say. Per usual I include every one's comment no matter if I think it is right, wrong, indifferent, or just makes no sense! Thanks to all who responded! Enjoy :)
  • Socks off - cheese and eggs make a lovely dutch flavour... cheese from feet (i.e. no socks) egg from "wind" ... I'm on another planet today so not sure what is making sense, etc. ;) I was thinking of whoopie as in cushion as in dutch oven - my mind is not working, but I think you mean making babies not smells.
  • Off... only on when attempting to get sleep on a cold night... and not on the job, lol :)
  • Socks off, unless the feet involved are so heinous they're a sex buzz kill.
  • I think that it doesn't matter if you call it 'making whoopee'. You're a lost cause by that point. Whichever makes her happy ;-) But, generally, unless it's abnormally cold, I don't sleep with socks on to begin with.
  • Socks off, regardless of position relative to the duvet.
  • Off. On is cheesy 90's porn. May as well grow some sideburns on your dick to go with the socks. ;-) I suppose that's more of a 70's porn thing, but hey, the point remains. Don't do it.
  • That would depend on who's wearing the socks. Could be good for extra traction to hold onto the woman's ankles if... Well, yeah. Well I'm just sayin', if a guy's trying to hold her ankles, well... skin on skin might not be as easy depending. Socks'd help. ;)
  • Socks off... doesn't matter if you're under the covers, over the covers or on the kitchen sink... hehe
  • Off
  • Off unless they are cute or sexy
  • Off! Gotta be naked, and you can't be naked if you still have socks on :) Plus - once you're in the act if you're thinking about socks then you've got bigger problems.
  • Socks off!
  • Without a question, socks off! Now, I'd make an exception for those red boots of yours.
  • Off... what dork keeps socks on? all naked and socks?
  • Okay forget the President's address and questions, I need to answer your question silly one; socks off when u make woopie. LOL
  • LOL Depends on the weather. I hate cold feeet! (double entendre slightly intended... THINK about it....) :) hehe
  • Socks... off... that goes double for hip-hop morons and their sideways baseball caps... idiots don't know why... but your question made me flash on some porn I saw a while ago. Idiots left their dumb hats on. Disrespectful.
  • Socks off EXCEPT when it is really really cold because cold feet can be too distracting sometimes.
  • Off!!! Plus, I'm not the hugest fan of the term "making whoopee" but no socks please!
  • Depends. How cold is it in the room? and how cute are the socks?
Myself. In an ideal situation I would have to say that the socks should be off. Though in a really good session; if I happen to, or he happens to leave his socks on - I will not stop mid way through sex just to have the socks removed! Also, I suppose quickies in unusual places don't count... one of those quickies in which almost all clothes are left on... hehe

Monday, March 23, 2009


Sunday, March 22, 2009


Most of us have been faced with a significant other cheating on us. Whether we catch them 'red-handed' or simply catch them from word of mouth... Finding out either way doesn't hurt any less. I've fallen victim to a cheater more than once in my life unfortunately, and have handled it differently with each person. I was a bit curious how other people handled this situation so I posed the following question:

What would you do, or what have you done when finding out your significant other has cheated on you?

Here are all of the answers I received... Enjoy

  • Never happened to me, thank God, but... I dread to think, I'd be such a mess :(
  • After initial horrible pain, I actually tried to work it out. Realized later that she just wasn't "done". Bad times.
  • I can easier describe what I wouldn't do. In a word, stay. Everyone gets a second chance, but sometimes things can't get put back. The trick is to be able to see when the damage is fatal and when work can save a relationship. Not an easy task.
  • I literally kicked down the door and threw her and her clothes outside! (I call him my EX for a reason)
  • The answer to your question would depend 100% on the circumstances involved. Lots of emotions and dynamics involved there.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you forgive and work to rebuild trust.
  • I'd wish them good luck without me.
  • After much pleading and promising from her, I let it go... until 3 months later when I discovered it again (with a 2nd person)
  • I would put my whole poker bankroll to either make it big within a year or get a change to start over in life.
  • Let's just say it would require a scalpel & restraints.
  • I need a significant other first :S but I don't know exactly and don't want to find out either, probably just avoid them and call them my ex.
  • To my knowledge, I've never been cheated on, or cheated, but I'd tell the person to hit the bricks. No if's and's or but's!
  • I just did a poll on this last Wednesday on my blog - people were pretty forgiving, for the most part.
  • I'll take "Find another significant other!" Survey says! lol
  • Best thing to do is simply walk away. Don't stoop to his/her/their level.
  • For me personally, I divorced his ass, but not 'til I made him move out the very next day. They're still together & have 4 kids. Yeah. Weird.
  • I think I'd sue for twivorce! Or at least get twerapy... but I'm a twealous lover so... twivorce on second thought.
  • Leave him. Simple, and I wouldn't go back.
  • Become friends with her and invite her to dinner then I'd leave his sorry ass with all the bills!
  • Donkey punched myself.
  • Before, or after, the funeral?
  • It involved a crow bar, super glue, a weed eater, a pair of pliers, a deck of cards, a canister of peanuts, some duct tape.
  • In answer to your question, it depends on many factors. The only thing for sure is that it hurts deeply in the soul...
Lots of varied answers to this question. I suppose in summation it all depends on the individuals, the circumstances surrounding the events, and how strong the relationship was before the cheating took place. Either way, being the victim of cheating is never an easy thing to cope with... and although a person may be strong enough to move 'past' an indiscretion, it never leaves the memory. Just like any other pain caused in life whether it be physical or mental, it leaves a scar. It changes in a way how we perceive things and how we proceed in life. 

Love the one you are with and think twice if you are about to become 'The Cheater'.

xoxo ~Silly

Monday, March 16, 2009

People are cold...

I didn't know what I would write about next here. But something/someone inspired me today to come back. While reading tweets I happened to catch one of my followers make the following comment:

"Apparently some girl died that went to my school either overdosed on some drug or suicide.. she was stupid anyway never did shit in school".

That comment was then followed by this one a few minutes later...

"I know this would sound mean but one less idiot on this planet now"

Now I don't know what your reaction is to reading these lines, but mine was absolute disbelief. How could a person be that cold and thoughtless. No matter how smart or not smart, good or bad looking, short or tall... every single human life is precious. Every single one. That girl I'm sure had a family, people who loved her. To be ridiculed after her death and almost celebrating in the fact that she is gone, well I just find it repulsive. 

I have lost two very important people in my life. My mother and my brother. I am sure they were not liked by every single person that crossed their path, but they most certainly were loved and cherished by many... as I'm sure was the case with this girl mentioned above. 

This is most certainly one of those instances where if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Why go out of your way to disrespect a person you hardly knew, if this person even knew them at all???? To belittle a soul that has just recently passed. This person mentioned the possible means of her passing, but does it matter at all how this girl died? No... not in the least. 

I am just absolutely repulsed by the comments made and will be unfollowing. Every person is entitled to their own opinion, but my goodness; this person has crossed a line that I just can not accept.

To whoever that girl may be, you are in my thoughts. Let this persons negative energy be erased by my positive energy. I may not have known you, but you were living just as I am now. May you rest in peace.

Respect the ones that are gone. Do not judge ones you did not know. Appreciate this life while you have it. Any second, it could be your last breath.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bloggers block...

As of late I have had a serious case of what I will call "Bloggers Block"... last Monday, March 9th (my birthday, btw), I was laid of from a job that I absolutely love. Since then I just can't seem to get on here and write. So I am now writing about my inability to write. I feel as though I should write about my lay off, the first one I've experienced, but just can't bring myself to do it yet... soon hopefully. Anyway, this is a just a short blurb on why I haven't been writing here much as of late. Even my 'tweeting' has slowed down significantly. Hopefully this 'block' will go away sooner than later and I'll start feeling like my old self again. We'll see.

xoxo ~Silly

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hand that gadget over...

We now live in a very technology driven world. Long gone are the days of just typewriters and pencils. Most of us now rely on electronic gadgets to get us through our days. Two of the most popular devices that people use on an every day basis are their computer(s) and their cell phone. This thought made me wonder about something and ask the following question:

If you had to... would you choose to go without your cell phone for a day, or your computer?

These are all of the responses I got. Mind you, on this question I got some responses even I didn't understand, but I posted them anyway! Enjoy!
  • Cell for sure
  • At least you can tweet on your cell phone
  • I often go for a whole day without my computer. My iPhone sets me free.
  • Cell phone! I hardly use it, but I couldn't live without my laptop *hugs it*. It's actually a big piece of crap, crashes all the time, never does what I want it to! Be we are partners in crime! ;)
  • I'd go without the cell.
  • If I had to choose, I'd do without the computer. I can do most if not all from my cell phone anyway, plus take pics, make calls.
  • My computer, since I can basically do everything on my cell...
  • Die, cell phone, die!
  • Cell phone.
  • Oh, no contest here. The cell phone. I know, I can get to the Internet thru the phone, but, no one call me on the puter!
  • Computer for sure!
  • Phone!
  • I would give up my computer for a day because if anything comes up people can contact me easier. ;)
  • Definitely my computer... Cuz my phone has all my apps!! & twitterstuff!
  • Without computer, my cell does everything I really need.
  • No computer; cellphone, it has everything, web, gps, music.
  • I could go without my computer because I have an iPhone :D It's almost as good as a computer!
  • I'd go without my cell phone. It would be nice! :)
  • My computer
  • I could live without my cell for a day, but my computer is my lifeblood!
  • I work at a hospital & everyone, employees, patients & visitors all had phones stuck to their ears. no phones and no 1 could function.
  • In answer to that COMPUTER my dear... easier to hit the keys and have multiple random conversations at once :)
  • Cell
  • Computer here, can't live without my Blackberry!
  • Go without my cell phone easy
  • My cell phone, my computer = money
  • I could go without my phone anyway, but don't take away my computer. :P
  • I would go without my cell, don't use it that much anyway
  • Computer, since I already do that when I go to work
  • I would go without my cell phone for a day. I'm much more connected with my computer. ;-)
  • I go without my cell phone, unless it was an iPhone, which I don't have... you can wish though, can't you!!!
  • Definitely would go without my cell phone... since stay home & have long distance land line now I don't use my cell
  • Please don't take them... I'm a poor lonely soul without my implements
  • Cell phone I guess if I had to! It'd kill my soul though! LOL
  • Without Phone. Always. Wouldn't be able to get much done at work without the computer. oooh now that's an idea lol
  • Ok, I'll play. Both. Wait. Neither. Are substitutions available? Clearly, the choice is simple: I'd go without.... (wiseguy, lol)
  • Without cell. I work from home
So that's it... all the answers I received. Myself, I would much rather go without my phone, but I could go without either if needed. Amazing how much we rely on technology now a days. I love it though... keep the inventions coming!!!!

xoxo ~Silly
More Pics @

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Natural Beauty...

I don't think I need to say a word. The beauty of these pictures speak for themselves.

These are some brilliantly beautiful photos I found tonight... just love them. I found them on if you're interested in seeing the rest.

xoxo ~Silly

Sucking up to the bossman...

I'm not one to suck up to my bosses, never have been. Sure, I'm friendly, I like to 'keep the peace' with everyone and stay on their good side... but sucking up, brown-nosing, flat out going out of my way to suck up is just not my style, even if it means more money (maybe I'm doing it all wrong, who knows). I was a tad curious though how many people would suck up if they knew it meant getting a raise, so I posed the question:

Would *you* suck up to *your* boss if you knew it meant getting a raise?
  • NO... not my style
  • nope! Just do your job and let the boss know all that you do, if they can't validate a raise with that, better look inward.
  • sure!
  • I have never, nor will I ever, suck up to my boss - not even for a pay raise.
  • I love My Boss & She Knows It!
  • Absolutely, I'm just a whore like that though; I'll do almost anything for more money.
  • eh, yes, as long as it was a good raise
  • Oh absolutely! I'd also suck up to him if he was hot, as has been the case in the past... no raise needed on that occasion!
  • yes
  • If I had one (boss), yes.
  • NEVER! Never demote yourself to promote yourself.
  • I'd suck up to keep my job but not for more loot.
  • I would suck up for a raise, yes. However, in my experience, sucking up never results in any raises :)
  • Mmmm, No no sucking up
  • Depends on how you define "suck up". I'm always friendly to my boss. Does that count?
  • No I would not suck up to get a raise.
  • My boss is lucky I show up for work in the morning... that may explain why I have never gotten a raise...
  • You're kidding right... here is me thinking sucking up is standard practice for many who want career advancement.
  • I'm not altruistic, heck yes, suck up for the raise. I need to support my family and $$ sure makes it easier.
xoxo ~Silly

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

So next Monday is my birthday. I will be 32. Not too old, not too young... just right I'm guessing. I'm not really sure what to think of birthday's anymore, and that is probably due to the fact that I haven't had a good one in a very long time. I remember being a kiddo and counting down the days, the hours, the minutes until my birthday was celebrated. That is typically what I do on birthdays now, just reminisce about the 'younger years'. 

For many years now my birthday is nothing more than another passing day with a phone call from my dad. No cards, no presents, certainly no cake. I would love to have an amazing birthday again, and I'm sure I will again (someday). I can pretty much guess it's not going to be this year. I don't exactly advertise that it's my birthday so what can I expect really? I would love to have an awesome birthday one of these years, a nice gift, a dinner out, a cake, I dunno - one of these years. 

Maybe I'll live to be 100 and have a kick ass party then. When I am too old to do anything other than sit in a rocking chair and blow out my candles, much to weak to even unwrap the gifts myself, lol... while everyone around says "can you believe how old she is". Oh and don't forget everyone trying to decorate the old lady with ribbons and bows and a silly party hat. Ah, the grandness of life. 

Or... or... or... or... or... OR maybe I will just buy myself a cake and a present (maybe two, screw it, I'm worth it) and go out to eat by myself! ...and you know what? I just thought of that idea as I was typing and I don't think it's that bad of an idea. 

Anyhoooooo... next Monday I'll be 32 - woo for me!

xoxo -Silly

Monday, March 2, 2009

Road Trip...

I used to LOVE road trips... just me, a crappy car, and the highway. I used to take them all the time when I was younger. Yet this stupid thing call reality set in... you know - work, kiddo... things that now prevent me from just hopping in my car and going as far as my cash will take me. Anyhoo... today for whatever reason I was thinking about hitting the open road and was curious what others thought of road trips, where they might go and who they might bring with them when they went... sooooo.... I posed the following question:

If you were to go on a road trip... where would you go and who would you bring with you if anyone?
  • I'd go to the States and visit all the major cities (that might involve flying too) and would take my dog and Stockard Channing! Oh and Stockard would have to do all the driving 'cause I can't! I'm thinking there would be a convertible involved and me spending a lot of time trying to convince S.C. that girls are the way fwd!
  • Two words: Ed Greer. I'll let you and your readers figure out what that means.
  • If I'd go on a road trip, I'd take one across the States from East to West, and take my bro and sis
  • There's bias today - it's snowing - so my road trip would be from Monterrey to San Diego, really anywhere warm would work.
  • Anywhere in Wisconsin with my hubby. He is my road trippin' buddy.
  • New York to California. My fiance. And my imaginary friends in the backseat in case my fiance begins to bore me. I have 3. Count Jose Hoyos, Princess Jaquarinda Censoula and Jim Smith, the Earl of Sussex, I only socialize with royalty ;)
  • Arizone since I can not cross water. It would be a toss up between Channing Tatum or Johnny Depp.
  • Road trip... I'm a mountain girl or to the ocean... always bring the love of my life... my hubby.
  • I would go from coast to coast USA. Would bring a set of dancing girls.
  • I would head out west, all the way to the coast and I would make my mother my partner in crime. I need quality time with her.
  • I would head to New Orleans in a millisecond if I could. I'd take my sexy comrade with me for love on a balcony.
  • An endless vacation in Tahiti with Jennifer Aniston. Sipping Mai Tai's, frolicking in the surf by day & rockin' it at night.
  • Definitely would do the lower 48 road trip with my dog Judah.
  • I would go across Europe and Asia to Japan with my mate Kelly. I need to teach him ninja skills.
  • It doesn't matter WHERE you go, as long as you go with that someone special :) <3>


Typically I don't mind Monday's, but today has been a doozy and it is only 10:20am... I won't go in to all of it, but let's just say I started off on the wrong side of the bed. This little guy just about sums up my feelings on today thus far. At work, lots of snow to deal with outside, feeling icky and already threw up at the office once this morning. Yup, it's officially Monday... actually, as whiny as I feel, I am renaming today MOANday!