Monday, March 2, 2009

Road Trip...

I used to LOVE road trips... just me, a crappy car, and the highway. I used to take them all the time when I was younger. Yet this stupid thing call reality set in... you know - work, kiddo... things that now prevent me from just hopping in my car and going as far as my cash will take me. Anyhoo... today for whatever reason I was thinking about hitting the open road and was curious what others thought of road trips, where they might go and who they might bring with them when they went... sooooo.... I posed the following question:

If you were to go on a road trip... where would you go and who would you bring with you if anyone?
  • I'd go to the States and visit all the major cities (that might involve flying too) and would take my dog and Stockard Channing! Oh and Stockard would have to do all the driving 'cause I can't! I'm thinking there would be a convertible involved and me spending a lot of time trying to convince S.C. that girls are the way fwd!
  • Two words: Ed Greer. I'll let you and your readers figure out what that means.
  • If I'd go on a road trip, I'd take one across the States from East to West, and take my bro and sis
  • There's bias today - it's snowing - so my road trip would be from Monterrey to San Diego, really anywhere warm would work.
  • Anywhere in Wisconsin with my hubby. He is my road trippin' buddy.
  • New York to California. My fiance. And my imaginary friends in the backseat in case my fiance begins to bore me. I have 3. Count Jose Hoyos, Princess Jaquarinda Censoula and Jim Smith, the Earl of Sussex, I only socialize with royalty ;)
  • Arizone since I can not cross water. It would be a toss up between Channing Tatum or Johnny Depp.
  • Road trip... I'm a mountain girl or to the ocean... always bring the love of my life... my hubby.
  • I would go from coast to coast USA. Would bring a set of dancing girls.
  • I would head out west, all the way to the coast and I would make my mother my partner in crime. I need quality time with her.
  • I would head to New Orleans in a millisecond if I could. I'd take my sexy comrade with me for love on a balcony.
  • An endless vacation in Tahiti with Jennifer Aniston. Sipping Mai Tai's, frolicking in the surf by day & rockin' it at night.
  • Definitely would do the lower 48 road trip with my dog Judah.
  • I would go across Europe and Asia to Japan with my mate Kelly. I need to teach him ninja skills.
  • It doesn't matter WHERE you go, as long as you go with that someone special :) <3>


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