Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sucking up to the bossman...

I'm not one to suck up to my bosses, never have been. Sure, I'm friendly, I like to 'keep the peace' with everyone and stay on their good side... but sucking up, brown-nosing, flat out going out of my way to suck up is just not my style, even if it means more money (maybe I'm doing it all wrong, who knows). I was a tad curious though how many people would suck up if they knew it meant getting a raise, so I posed the question:

Would *you* suck up to *your* boss if you knew it meant getting a raise?
  • NO... not my style
  • nope! Just do your job and let the boss know all that you do, if they can't validate a raise with that, better look inward.
  • sure!
  • I have never, nor will I ever, suck up to my boss - not even for a pay raise.
  • I love My Boss & She Knows It!
  • Absolutely, I'm just a whore like that though; I'll do almost anything for more money.
  • eh, yes, as long as it was a good raise
  • Oh absolutely! I'd also suck up to him if he was hot, as has been the case in the past... no raise needed on that occasion!
  • yes
  • If I had one (boss), yes.
  • NEVER! Never demote yourself to promote yourself.
  • I'd suck up to keep my job but not for more loot.
  • I would suck up for a raise, yes. However, in my experience, sucking up never results in any raises :)
  • Mmmm, No no sucking up
  • Depends on how you define "suck up". I'm always friendly to my boss. Does that count?
  • No I would not suck up to get a raise.
  • My boss is lucky I show up for work in the morning... that may explain why I have never gotten a raise...
  • You're kidding right... here is me thinking sucking up is standard practice for many who want career advancement.
  • I'm not altruistic, heck yes, suck up for the raise. I need to support my family and $$ sure makes it easier.
xoxo ~Silly


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