Friday, January 30, 2009

PC or MAC...

Asked the question PC or MAC? ...and 15 of you said PC and 26 for the MAC....
Clearly our winner here is the MAC!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What was *your* worst job EVER?

This whole question/poll thing happened a little by accident but it is becoming fun. This last question was inspired by the post you see below this one. Got some awesome answers... here we go people - read away!

  • 1 evening working concessions at a dirtbike rally. I got to pour cheese over nachos. Turned me off from nachos for years. I'll eat them now, but only in restaurants, with good cheese ;-)
  • I worked at McDonalds, was shit, I was on $8.76/h after pay rise. Next job $15.60/h think I made the right choice.
  • UK chemist's shop. Owners were mean, horrible men who hated women - one aptly named Anil. Was a long 3 months. Fortunately, he & bro were caught screwing up Rx and shorting ritalin Rx (I guess selling the "extra"). Hope they got jail time.
  • Ugh I put stickers on carmel corn popcorn bags. It was horrible. I only got like $7.50 PER THOUSAND. Yeah it was the worst job ever!
  • My current job is by far my worst job ever: doing "tech support" for a couple real estate companies with asshole agents.
  • White mouse in a sea sick drug test. Shook you up and down until you threw up.
  • Trying to sell club memberships at Unimart in Tulsa.
  • Handsdown - worst job EVER. Trying to sell vacuums in Hawaii where most don't even have carpet.
  • Janitor for a Salvation Army church. DAAAAAAMN they were nasty.
  • The annual "cleaning" of the cow shed... This involves scooping up the "manure" and "spreading" it out in a field or pasture.
  • It really was the worst boss. He owned 5 McDonalds and would walk into the store and start yelling from the door. UNPROFESSIONAL
  • Toss up - Taco Bell cleaning the walkway with acid that ate my shoes, or cleaning bathrooms at McDonalds.
  • I've been blessed and have enjoyed all of my jobs, really. I used to be an EQ manager for our football team. Laundry duty wasn't exactly roses, lol
  • I can't think of a worst job. Really. Maybe the answering service that catered to snobbish elitists.
  • Worst job was Geek Squad. Dealing with retarded people to their faces, having to be nice, patient, AND sell them things.
  • Tractor Junk Yard tearing apart and salvaging tractor engines for parts and brass, copper, etc. Every day a new wonder in grease.
  • Worked in Industrial Laundry folding linens & towels as came out of dryers. Old ladies liked making piece work. Fingers swollen.
  • My worst job was being a door to door salesman, selling doors. *knock knock* "Hi Madam, are you interested in our, oh, shit, you have one.
If I receive some more 'worst job' experiences I will add them to this post!

My Boss & I...

When I take a long time;
I am slow
When my boss takes a long time;
He is thorough

When I don't do it;
I am lazy
When my boss doesn't do it;
He is too busy

When I do something without being told;
I am trying to be smart
When my boss does the same;
that is initiative

When I please my boss;
I am apple-polishing
When my boss pleases his boss;
He's cooperating

When I do good;
My boss never remembers
When I do wrong;
he never forgets

Found this, loved it, posted it!

What is *your* favorite type of music to listen to? ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Again... another question asked, and many answers received... so here is what you said to the above question! 

  • Impossible question to answer, because my favorite type changes with my moods.
  • Any song performed by Neil Young, so that should cover every type of music known to man except Peruvian pan flute operas... Come to think of it, Peruvian Pan Flute Opera sounds pretty good!
  • I'm a bit of an emo-kid lol alternative/indie rock for me
  • I like all kinds of music, depends on my mood but I would have to say a little heavier than main stream rock
  • Enrique Iglesias! YUM
  • I love so many kinds, changes day to day from 80's New Wave to techno to hiphop etc. Thats
  • like asking who is your favorite child!
  • Heavy metal! Head banging... seriously
  • I call it "Greys Anatomy" music... lol... Snow Patrol, Matt Nathanson, O.A.R., etc.. :)
  • TOTALLY depends on my mood
  • Hmm, I like all kinds but if I have to pin it down to 1 it would have to be soft rock, 3 Doors Down/Lifehouse type of stuff. ;)
  • Anything with good lyrics and beat along the Alternative and Hard Rock Lines. The band of the minute is Linkin' Park
  • Progressive rock/fusion.
  • I can tell you that *right now*, my favorite type of music to listen to are film scores, specifically the Lord of the Rings
  • Classical.
  • R&B, older stuff, like new Fall Out Boy Cd... all (well older things) from Prince, Addicted to Maroon 5 though
  • I like mc solaar, lily allen, david bowie, eminem, roland kirk, the pogues, sarah mclachlin, beethoven and lots of other stuff
  • Favorite is kinda weird: called "post rock" all ambient, instrumental stuff
  • Rock all the way!! i love Lynard Skynard!
  • I listen to a huge array of music, from metal to jazz, everything as long as it's not shit.
Okay... well that about sums it up! Any more updates I get and  I will add them to the list!  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you had to spend the rest of your life doing the same thing over and over again, what would it be?

I posed the above question and below are the answers I received... very interesting... to this girl anyway!!!

(These are in the order I received them in)

  • Sex
  • Making money
  • Laying in a hammock under a star-strewn sky with someone I love
  • Eating chocolate
  • Sex
  • Smelling babies heads
  • Payday
  • Chatting nose to nose by nightlight w/6 year old before bedtime
  • Eating chicken curry
  • Eating because you could still get variety in what you eat
  • In bed, having sex 
  • Windsurfing. Blue skies, warm sun, open ocean - fantastic
  • erm, repeating myself, erm
  • I can not even answer that question without my brain wanting to explode just thinking about it
  •  hmm.. I couldn't decide..lots of stuff I had fun with but to do it too many gets boring...I don't have an answer
  • anything, giving long enough, has the potential to become mundane. Except chatting with you of course!
  • Circumnavigating the world in a sailboat
  • Hug my fiance. mushy and a bit queer, but hey, love is a bit queer
  • Ski the Merde Glace over and over and over and over. Would be loving it!
  • *censored* hehe
  • I would say go on vacation 
  • sex
  • Live a happy and healthy life
  • Making the world a better place, feeding the hungry, and protecting abused children.
  • Ladies Orgasm Consultant.  That'd be a pretty good repetitive task!
  • Having sex... over and over and over
  • You're asking guys this? Isn't the answer obvious? And, nice boots
  • Being stroked along the length of my body with a soft scented feather and some edible glitter body powder; it should be licked off naturally
  • Duh, sex!
  • Walking over to the floating bar on St. Thomas
  • Riding Tower of Terror
  • Twittering with you, is what it would be
  • Sex
  • Perfoming, without a doubt
  • Letting dark chocolate melt in my mouth
  • Jan 1973 when I was in Salvador, Brasil for Carnaval Mardi Gras.... WOW!!!
  • I would have a long lunch with friends.... over and over again
  • and there was one answer... oh silly one you know who you are, that I just could not bring myself to post... you know who you are! lol
  • Learning the Italian & Spanish languages.
  • Go surfing (peaceful, social, physical, exciting, creative...)
  • Walk my dogs
  • Sex
  • Relax, I'd relax over and over again
...and if you are curious - me, personally... I would be having sex, great sex, over and over again with the one I love... yup - sounds like a fantastic way to spend an eternity!

If I get more responses I will add them to this list!

Accidental Love...

This is a picture that @caffination on Twitter posted this morning. An awesome shot he took that is worth sharing!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bummer Bot...

Using Twitter more and more often I keep seeing this page as I'm sure most of you have. I have had some followers ask me what I was referring to when I say I see the Bummer Bot... well this is HIM!

Condom Mishap...

I kept trying to post this last night but the link appeared to be broken... so here I shall post the article of a man and his misuse of a condom!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Crispy Snowmobile....

Here is one more shot of the snowmobile shortly before it was put out.

Bye Bye Snowmobile....

Well today was interesting. I was feeling a little more than stir crazy today so I decided to take my little sunshine to Chuck E Cheese in Portland, ME. Just me and my girl. On the way there I got stuck behind a truck that was going under the speed limit. I am a tailgater by nature and was right up his ass almost the entire way there.

Well.... being a tailgater is not always a good thing. When I finally arrived I got out of the car to find that my car was completely covered in liquid. A bit confused I took a closer look and found that whoever was in front of me was apparently having transmission issues. I had ATF (automatic transmission fluid) all over my freaking car! All over my car which included my windshield. On the drive there I just thought my windshield wipers sucked - turned out they were a greasy mess from the fluid. Imagining that wasn't such a good thing for the paint I found a car wash and ended up paying twenty bucks to have it cleaned off. So whatever, that was just minor. Although maybe next time I'll reconsider tailgating, maybe just find a passing zone faster!!!

We had a pretty good time once we arrived to Chuck E Cheese, played lots of games, ate some yucky food - seriously, the food at Chuck E Cheese is just not good - at all! We spent quite a while there and then headed to the mall where I finally found a case for my new mini laptop. After all was said and done we decided to head home.

Shortly after arriving home one of the kiddos decided to take one of the snowmobiles out for a ride. A few minutes after he was riding it, it caught on fire... a small fire at first - he hopped off immediately and just moments later - BOOM! That BOOM was the gas tank exploding. Where I live now is on a property that is 6 very thickly wooded acres... the machine caught the woods quickly. Come to find out snow actually is a useful thing, it seemed to contain the fire where it was and we used it to throw on the snowmobile until the flames died out. Anyway... everyone was safe and sound - luckily none of the fire got to the house. The above picture is what the fire looked like about 5 minutes before it was completely extinguished. (Because of course forgetful me couldn't find my camera when it first started - d'oh) ...and by the way - a burning snowmobile smells absolutely HORRID!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Flying Cockroach! Ewww...

Okay, this is a little story about when I was living in Tennessee. I was 18 years old at the time and moved to Tennessee from New Hampshire with my fiance at the time. We were renting an apartment out of a huge complex. The apartment itself was very nice from the outside and the inside. Very little furniture, but we had our freedom and loved it. Granted it was the first apartment for both of us, so anything would have seemed like the Taj Majal! Anyway... this is a story about a cockroach. One day I was home alone and my fiance was off for the day taking classes. When I am home alone I'm usually naked, I've been doing that for quite some time now. I remember I was laying in the bedroom reading a book - the actual book I was reading I couldn't remember if I tried. So I'm laying there, peace and quiet, happy, relaxed... I remember something catching my attention in the room, at the time I thought it was a moth flying around the room - that was my first thought. So I'm laying on the bed, exposed, head just barely propped up enough so I can read my book. Eventually I ignore the moth or whatever flying creature is exploring my bedroom. Then, all of the sudden I feel something on my skin, right below my neck and above my breasts. In complete slow motion I remember looking down, and right there, on my skin - was a COCKROACH. A freaking flying nasty ass cockroach! I jumped up immediately and ran out the room shutting the door behind me. I was determined to catch this thing so it wouldn't touch me again. I went to the kitchen and opened up one of the cabinets; retrieving a glass... I went back towards the bedroom and slowly opened the door, I walked in the bedroom, glass in hand (quickly closing it behind me so I had him trapped in the room) determined to catch this nasty thing. After some running around the room (which I'm sure looked absolutely ridiculous, me running around naked trying to catch a bug) I finally caught him, in the glass. I put a magazine under the glass so he couldn't escape through the carpet on the floor... I left him there until my fiance came home from school, and I let him finish killing the disgusting thing. It was an interesting day and to this day the only cockroach I have encountered - if I never have to deal with another one I will be a happy woman!

Stripper going down hard!

Okay - how can you NOT laugh at this! Complete awesomeness!


Where I work I have the opportunity to run errands each day... I love my job!  I show up here at 7am (yes, blogging at work right now) and then I leave around 3:30 for the day.  At 11am I leave and I get to make bank deposits, pick up the mail, do all kinds of silly errands.  It usually takes about two hours (I take lunch while I'm out).  Well, typically each day right before I leave the office I post a message on Twitter saying vroooooooooooooom I'm off... well today I had someone from Twitter send me this picture, apparently this is what he pictures each time I say that.  I just think this bear is cute as all get out, and I shall now picture this silly guy every time I leave to do errands and go vrooooooooooooooooom in my car!!!


I have had a request for boots... so I'm putting up my infamous or well, not so infamous Twitter boots... this one is for you Russell 

Hmmm... not very silly so far!

Well I just started this blog... and I named it Silly Me but am realizing the things written so far have not been all that silly.  So I thought about changing the name... decision was a no.  I am a very silly person, just for whatever reason the things I've written about 'here' thus far have not been.  So I shall keep 'Silly Me' and keep writing - you'll see... I'm a natural born goofy ass! he he

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nightmare ramblings....

I am a person that deeply believes that everything happens for a reason.  There are many times in my life where that simple phrase has gotten me through.  Days like this though, that phrase is so hard to accept.  Looking from the outside no person could fathom some of what I've been through.  Although I have accepted what has happened in my past, it still haunts me.  Nights like last night filled with nightmares of horror, pain, suffering, troubles.  I don't share my darkest fears and thoughts with most as I just don't want to bother them with it.  We all have our own problems, fears, past hurts.  When I have a night filled with nightmares like I did last night I awake in the morning only to have my mind racing with the thoughts of all that has hurt me in my life.  Somehow in these moments I am taken back to the time when I was hurt, I can feel the sorrow, the darkness, the pain, the fear.  The only difference between now and then, is that I do not cry.  I do not shed tears about these things like I used to, I am in a way numb to that pain even though it feels as real as the moment it happened.  Nightmares like these are the ones you wake up and remember, nightmares like these are the ones that make me wake up again and again throughout the night.  I wake up, think about what just happened, take a moment to realize that I am safe, and drift back off to sleep only to have the darkness creep back in.  Nightmares that do not portray the actual events as they happened, almost, but in a way only magnifying what happened.  Rape, death, betrayal, abuse.... these are what my nightmares consist of.  It is a dark place that for whatever reason my mind can not let go of just quite yet.  I tell myself daily that I am okay with the things that happened to me, I speak freely of some of these pains, but not all.  I wonder many mornings like this when and if these nightmares will ever cease.  If they will ever vanish from my conscience.  I don't think they will.  We all go through our own pain, our own journey in life... we don't have the same pain or the same experiences - no other would truly be able to grasp all that I have been through no matter how much they cared or wanted to, and that is ok.  Days like this are the ones that I feel most compelled to help others - that is what I want to do.  Fixing others problems, or helping others, it is one of the few things in this life that gives me complete and utter satisfaction.  There used to be a time when I thought nobody could understand me, understand my pain.  I grew to realize that although others have not been 'exactly' what I have been through, that someone out there has shared similar grief.  Remembering a time when my entire world was dark, when not even the tiniest ray of light shown through, feeling as if it were me and only me against the world....... I want to help people in 'that' moment and let them know there is hope.  It's not easy.  Depending on the experience, the person, it may take a week to sort through the pain, a month, the most painful thing that I went through took me two years to come to terms with.  Just know that there is hope in feeling 'normal' again... there is hope in finding joy and enjoying life - that we must take every single experience in our life, no matter how horrible... get through that experience and find that after, after we have gotten through it - we become stronger for it.  Through all I have experienced there is still some of me left that is naive and trusting, loving - all the pains in the world could not take away who I am as a person.  I feel at this point in my life I am able to love, show love, give love more than I ever have because I know how lucky I am to be here, to be healthy, to have the life that I do.  When you feel a pain 'so' deep, so heart wrenching that you just want to die, when you make it through that, every emotion you feel for the rest of your life is intensified beyond explanation - it is a gift really.  If you are in that darkness, the darkness that swirls with no light, no hope, where every breath you take you want to be your last... don't let it be your last.  Keep breathing,  and just make it to tomorrow.  Reading those words, if you are where I was, you may not believe them, and that is ok - just have faith that no matter how bad things get in your life, that someone else has had similiar experiences and gotten through them.  There is love in life, find that, hold on to it... keep going.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rough weeks are no fun....

So this week has been a bit of a rough one to say the least.  It is one of those weeks when if something could go wrong, it will.  One of those weeks that started off so awesome and then just took an incredibly fast trip downhill.  It is hump day now and I am optimistic that the rest of the week will go better.  I am not sure if this is a fact, or it I am just trying to convince myself of that.  Today is the day I shall be receiving my new mini laptop.  I've been waiting about two weeks to receive it, and after a delay in Alaska it is finally on its way... FedEx site says it is out for delivery, so we'll see.  I should also soon be receiving an advance copy of the Chuck Palahniuk book "Pygmy"... it is not due to release in stores for months, but a very dear friend contacted the publishers to send me a copy - very excited.  I'm writing this from the office, though I should be working I really am not feeling it right now.  I leave in about 25 minutes to run errands for the office (something I just love about my job). So, yup - that's my blurb for this morning.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love these.... well most of them!

Find more photos like this on My Modern Metropolis

Just found these photos amazing and wanted to share...
Compliments of

Banana Split Done Right!

Things like this just make me all warm and giggly inside... taking a simple idea... a couple of very simple words... ie Banana Split... and then finding something like this.  My mind truly is a very silly little place.  I wouldn't change it for a second - none of my silliness!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I needed something to make me smile - and this silly little acorn 
loving chipmunk just did the trick!

Moms Poem

Before I go
When my life has reached it’s very end
And I take that final breath
I want to know I’ve left behind
Some good before my death
I hope that in my final hour
In all honesty I can say
That somewhere in my lifetime
I have brightened someone’s day
That maybe I have brought a smile
To someone else’s face
And made one moment a little sweeter
While they dwelled here in this place
Lord, please be my reminder
And whisper softly in my ear
To be a giver not a taker
In the years I have left here
Give me the strength I need
Open up my mind and my soul
That I might show sincere compassion
And love to others before I go
For if not a heart be touched by me
And not a smile was left behind
Then the life that I am blessed with
Will have been a waste of time
With all my heart, I truly hope
To leave something here on earth
That touched another, made them smile
And gave to my life - worth

I found this poem at my mother’s computer desk only a couple days after she died. I do not know the author - just that my mother lived by these words, as I do now.

Boo Boo

Boo Boo passed away today. 
This was a very special dog in my life. 
He was a little over 6 years old when he died of renal failure. 
Bye bye Boo Boo

Boo Boo is gone

Well, my father called me tonight around 8pm and told me the news. Boo Boo the dog is gone, he passed away due to renal failure. For those of you who don’t know, renal failure is basically the kidneys not functioning properly. My brother Eric (who passed away at age 26 - I will write about him later) and I bought that dog for my mom while she was terminally ill in her last stages of the disease Lupus. Mom had a dog named Max, and she had him for years. She treated that dog like a king until he passed away. She said she didn’t want another dog after Max died. Well, my brother and I thought differently. A few months after Max’s death, mom was admitted to the hospital once again to have gall bladder surgery. While she was in recovery my brother and I found Boo Boo for her. I remember driving there with my brother that day, it was a wonderful day for us both. My brother and I did not do many things together, and in a way mom being sick brought us closer together in a lot of ways. Anyway, we picked up little Boo Boo, he was a Shit-Tzu/black and white in color. One of the cutest little puppies I had ever seen. After we bought him, Eric and I drove right to the hospital. Being so little it was easy to sneak the puppy in the hospital. I will never forget Mom’s face - she was so happy. Seeing a smile on her face was a precious thing while she was going through her surgeries. That little puppy brought her a lot of joy in her last year. The day we brought him there she named him Boo Boo - it was quite fitting… he was named after all the bruises she had on her, all the pain she was in. My father grew to love that dog as much as mom, and after mom passed, Boo Boo was his company. Tonight, my father will spend his night truly alone in the home I grew up in. No mom, no Eric, no Boo Boo… I am thinking of him tonight. Even these words bring tears to my eyes… He has lost so much, a man who has done nothing but give his entire life, and still, he just continues to lose so much. Boo Boo was a little over 6 years old… RIP Boo Boo - you will be missed.

Twitter Rocks.... my socks off!

A few months ago I was welcomed to the wonderful world of At the beginning I wasn’t quite sure what its purpose was, or if I would enjoy it. Well, not only do I enjoy it, I am downright addicted. The information you find there is sometimes so useless, in fact I post a lot of the useless information myself. The site lets you post in 140 characters or less… like a super mini blog - it’s great. You hear about people from all over the world - literally, and in some way become long distance friends with many of them. These are the kind of friends I like to have… keeping it short and sweet - it makes for the type of long distance relationship that is easy to maintain and fun to have! If you have a chance some day - check out this cool site - you will soon be addicted and loving every minute of it. If you want to find my silly little corner of the Twitterverse there… my username is sueissilly :-)
Unconditional love is a term that means to love someone regardless of his actions or beliefs. It is a concept comparable to true love, a term which is more frequently used to describe love between lovers. By contrast, unconditional love is frequently used to describe love between family members, comrades in arms and between others in highly committed relationships.

While searching for bunnies I came across this guy - his feet are just HUGE! I’m a little curious what his shoe size is!

The Sunshine of My Days...

I was the person who always said I would never have children - never. People would doubt me and I would say over and over that it just wouldn’t happen to me. Well… destiny or fate, whatever you want to call it, decided that I was going to be a mommy. I had always said that ‘if’ I did get pregnant, that I would accept the responsibility for that, and I did. My daughter came in to my life a little over 5 years ago… and what a blessing she has been. Literally my little angel. The full explanation of her being my angel will come later… but in quick summation my mother passed 25 days after her birth. The loss of my mother has been the greatest tragedy I have ever known. Unknowingly my little girl saved my life, gave me something to live for. For that, for her, I will be forever grateful. Watching her learn and grow in to the girl she is today - I am just so tremendously proud, every single day. Even those days when she is cranky, and I feel as though I might pull my hair out until I am bald… so that’s it for post/update/whatever this is number 2 - I’m a noob, I’m learning, and learning is a very good thing!

and then... she blogged!

Well… for some time now, actually years… I have been trying to get over what I shall call an extreme case of writers block… possibly I will explain the reason for that later on. I need an outlet to start writing again and figured this was as good as any. Maybe this will work… maybe it won’t… maybe I’ll write a little or stop blogging all together - who knows, I at the very least figured this was worth a shot. Recent events in my life have given me the inspiration to write again and I want to go with it before I lose it. We’ll see how this goes… only time will tell :-)