Monday, January 19, 2009

Twitter Rocks.... my socks off!

A few months ago I was welcomed to the wonderful world of At the beginning I wasn’t quite sure what its purpose was, or if I would enjoy it. Well, not only do I enjoy it, I am downright addicted. The information you find there is sometimes so useless, in fact I post a lot of the useless information myself. The site lets you post in 140 characters or less… like a super mini blog - it’s great. You hear about people from all over the world - literally, and in some way become long distance friends with many of them. These are the kind of friends I like to have… keeping it short and sweet - it makes for the type of long distance relationship that is easy to maintain and fun to have! If you have a chance some day - check out this cool site - you will soon be addicted and loving every minute of it. If you want to find my silly little corner of the Twitterverse there… my username is sueissilly :-)


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