Friday, January 23, 2009

Hmmm... not very silly so far!

Well I just started this blog... and I named it Silly Me but am realizing the things written so far have not been all that silly.  So I thought about changing the name... decision was a no.  I am a very silly person, just for whatever reason the things I've written about 'here' thus far have not been.  So I shall keep 'Silly Me' and keep writing - you'll see... I'm a natural born goofy ass! he he


David said...

Oh, I am liking your blog very much. Silly is great and shows the loving and concerned side of you. Obviously lots of pain, but that is probably due to a sensitivity in you and your concern for others. Keep posting! I want to see some of the silly side too.

russell said...

Where's the boots? We want boots...

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