Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bye Bye Snowmobile....

Well today was interesting. I was feeling a little more than stir crazy today so I decided to take my little sunshine to Chuck E Cheese in Portland, ME. Just me and my girl. On the way there I got stuck behind a truck that was going under the speed limit. I am a tailgater by nature and was right up his ass almost the entire way there.

Well.... being a tailgater is not always a good thing. When I finally arrived I got out of the car to find that my car was completely covered in liquid. A bit confused I took a closer look and found that whoever was in front of me was apparently having transmission issues. I had ATF (automatic transmission fluid) all over my freaking car! All over my car which included my windshield. On the drive there I just thought my windshield wipers sucked - turned out they were a greasy mess from the fluid. Imagining that wasn't such a good thing for the paint I found a car wash and ended up paying twenty bucks to have it cleaned off. So whatever, that was just minor. Although maybe next time I'll reconsider tailgating, maybe just find a passing zone faster!!!

We had a pretty good time once we arrived to Chuck E Cheese, played lots of games, ate some yucky food - seriously, the food at Chuck E Cheese is just not good - at all! We spent quite a while there and then headed to the mall where I finally found a case for my new mini laptop. After all was said and done we decided to head home.

Shortly after arriving home one of the kiddos decided to take one of the snowmobiles out for a ride. A few minutes after he was riding it, it caught on fire... a small fire at first - he hopped off immediately and just moments later - BOOM! That BOOM was the gas tank exploding. Where I live now is on a property that is 6 very thickly wooded acres... the machine caught the woods quickly. Come to find out snow actually is a useful thing, it seemed to contain the fire where it was and we used it to throw on the snowmobile until the flames died out. Anyway... everyone was safe and sound - luckily none of the fire got to the house. The above picture is what the fire looked like about 5 minutes before it was completely extinguished. (Because of course forgetful me couldn't find my camera when it first started - d'oh) ...and by the way - a burning snowmobile smells absolutely HORRID!


Chaos said...

Are we talking about a snow in the kind that produces the fake snow? It's the only kind that's coming to my fading mind. lol

It's good that no one was hurt though, or much property damage to your home area. I'd be calling that company and asking WTF, cause I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to randomly do that.

Chaos said...

Sooo my bad. You didn't need to change up your blog cause I'm totally lame. lol I should have looked at the picture closer. *blushes* lol

themysterygirl said...

It's all good... they are known as snowmobiles, I'm sure you're not the only one I confused with that one. You were just the only one who had the guts to point it out - thanks!

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