Friday, January 23, 2009


Where I work I have the opportunity to run errands each day... I love my job!  I show up here at 7am (yes, blogging at work right now) and then I leave around 3:30 for the day.  At 11am I leave and I get to make bank deposits, pick up the mail, do all kinds of silly errands.  It usually takes about two hours (I take lunch while I'm out).  Well, typically each day right before I leave the office I post a message on Twitter saying vroooooooooooooom I'm off... well today I had someone from Twitter send me this picture, apparently this is what he pictures each time I say that.  I just think this bear is cute as all get out, and I shall now picture this silly guy every time I leave to do errands and go vrooooooooooooooooom in my car!!!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could vroooooooom with you!

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