Monday, January 19, 2009

Boo Boo is gone

Well, my father called me tonight around 8pm and told me the news. Boo Boo the dog is gone, he passed away due to renal failure. For those of you who don’t know, renal failure is basically the kidneys not functioning properly. My brother Eric (who passed away at age 26 - I will write about him later) and I bought that dog for my mom while she was terminally ill in her last stages of the disease Lupus. Mom had a dog named Max, and she had him for years. She treated that dog like a king until he passed away. She said she didn’t want another dog after Max died. Well, my brother and I thought differently. A few months after Max’s death, mom was admitted to the hospital once again to have gall bladder surgery. While she was in recovery my brother and I found Boo Boo for her. I remember driving there with my brother that day, it was a wonderful day for us both. My brother and I did not do many things together, and in a way mom being sick brought us closer together in a lot of ways. Anyway, we picked up little Boo Boo, he was a Shit-Tzu/black and white in color. One of the cutest little puppies I had ever seen. After we bought him, Eric and I drove right to the hospital. Being so little it was easy to sneak the puppy in the hospital. I will never forget Mom’s face - she was so happy. Seeing a smile on her face was a precious thing while she was going through her surgeries. That little puppy brought her a lot of joy in her last year. The day we brought him there she named him Boo Boo - it was quite fitting… he was named after all the bruises she had on her, all the pain she was in. My father grew to love that dog as much as mom, and after mom passed, Boo Boo was his company. Tonight, my father will spend his night truly alone in the home I grew up in. No mom, no Eric, no Boo Boo… I am thinking of him tonight. Even these words bring tears to my eyes… He has lost so much, a man who has done nothing but give his entire life, and still, he just continues to lose so much. Boo Boo was a little over 6 years old… RIP Boo Boo - you will be missed.


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