Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is *your* favorite type of music to listen to? ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Again... another question asked, and many answers received... so here is what you said to the above question! 

  • Impossible question to answer, because my favorite type changes with my moods.
  • Any song performed by Neil Young, so that should cover every type of music known to man except Peruvian pan flute operas... Come to think of it, Peruvian Pan Flute Opera sounds pretty good!
  • I'm a bit of an emo-kid lol alternative/indie rock for me
  • I like all kinds of music, depends on my mood but I would have to say a little heavier than main stream rock
  • Enrique Iglesias! YUM
  • I love so many kinds, changes day to day from 80's New Wave to techno to hiphop etc. Thats
  • like asking who is your favorite child!
  • Heavy metal! Head banging... seriously
  • I call it "Greys Anatomy" music... lol... Snow Patrol, Matt Nathanson, O.A.R., etc.. :)
  • TOTALLY depends on my mood
  • Hmm, I like all kinds but if I have to pin it down to 1 it would have to be soft rock, 3 Doors Down/Lifehouse type of stuff. ;)
  • Anything with good lyrics and beat along the Alternative and Hard Rock Lines. The band of the minute is Linkin' Park
  • Progressive rock/fusion.
  • I can tell you that *right now*, my favorite type of music to listen to are film scores, specifically the Lord of the Rings
  • Classical.
  • R&B, older stuff, like new Fall Out Boy Cd... all (well older things) from Prince, Addicted to Maroon 5 though
  • I like mc solaar, lily allen, david bowie, eminem, roland kirk, the pogues, sarah mclachlin, beethoven and lots of other stuff
  • Favorite is kinda weird: called "post rock" all ambient, instrumental stuff
  • Rock all the way!! i love Lynard Skynard!
  • I listen to a huge array of music, from metal to jazz, everything as long as it's not shit.
Okay... well that about sums it up! Any more updates I get and  I will add them to the list!  


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