Friday, January 23, 2009

Flying Cockroach! Ewww...

Okay, this is a little story about when I was living in Tennessee. I was 18 years old at the time and moved to Tennessee from New Hampshire with my fiance at the time. We were renting an apartment out of a huge complex. The apartment itself was very nice from the outside and the inside. Very little furniture, but we had our freedom and loved it. Granted it was the first apartment for both of us, so anything would have seemed like the Taj Majal! Anyway... this is a story about a cockroach. One day I was home alone and my fiance was off for the day taking classes. When I am home alone I'm usually naked, I've been doing that for quite some time now. I remember I was laying in the bedroom reading a book - the actual book I was reading I couldn't remember if I tried. So I'm laying there, peace and quiet, happy, relaxed... I remember something catching my attention in the room, at the time I thought it was a moth flying around the room - that was my first thought. So I'm laying on the bed, exposed, head just barely propped up enough so I can read my book. Eventually I ignore the moth or whatever flying creature is exploring my bedroom. Then, all of the sudden I feel something on my skin, right below my neck and above my breasts. In complete slow motion I remember looking down, and right there, on my skin - was a COCKROACH. A freaking flying nasty ass cockroach! I jumped up immediately and ran out the room shutting the door behind me. I was determined to catch this thing so it wouldn't touch me again. I went to the kitchen and opened up one of the cabinets; retrieving a glass... I went back towards the bedroom and slowly opened the door, I walked in the bedroom, glass in hand (quickly closing it behind me so I had him trapped in the room) determined to catch this nasty thing. After some running around the room (which I'm sure looked absolutely ridiculous, me running around naked trying to catch a bug) I finally caught him, in the glass. I put a magazine under the glass so he couldn't escape through the carpet on the floor... I left him there until my fiance came home from school, and I let him finish killing the disgusting thing. It was an interesting day and to this day the only cockroach I have encountered - if I never have to deal with another one I will be a happy woman!


AmusingChaos said...

I'm crying from laughter over here girl. The visuals that were coming up as I read this were hysterical. I can sooo see myself doing the very same damn thing though. They would have heard me screaming clear in China, and that's no lie. I think you handled yourself remarkably well. Kudo's to you. ;)

BlogspotBecky said...

That is so funny. Here in Alabama we get them all in the Winter maybe very few in the Summer and they freak me out when I see them. I actually stepped on one once on accident and it made me sick! We also get those huge Palmento flying roaches that are worse than the woods roaches, they are bigger too! ewwwww

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