Thursday, March 26, 2009

Socks & Sex...

My latest question and answer post is thanks to one of my awesome followers @whoopsie. Other than just having a kick ass user name, this person is a great follow, so if you're so inclined go find and follow!

@whoopsie suggested I pose the following question to my users:

What do *you* think?? Bedroom etiquette - socks kept on or off when making whoopee under the duvet?

The response was really good on this question. Though most flat out said "Socks off!", take a read at what everyone had to say. Per usual I include every one's comment no matter if I think it is right, wrong, indifferent, or just makes no sense! Thanks to all who responded! Enjoy :)
  • Socks off - cheese and eggs make a lovely dutch flavour... cheese from feet (i.e. no socks) egg from "wind" ... I'm on another planet today so not sure what is making sense, etc. ;) I was thinking of whoopie as in cushion as in dutch oven - my mind is not working, but I think you mean making babies not smells.
  • Off... only on when attempting to get sleep on a cold night... and not on the job, lol :)
  • Socks off, unless the feet involved are so heinous they're a sex buzz kill.
  • I think that it doesn't matter if you call it 'making whoopee'. You're a lost cause by that point. Whichever makes her happy ;-) But, generally, unless it's abnormally cold, I don't sleep with socks on to begin with.
  • Socks off, regardless of position relative to the duvet.
  • Off. On is cheesy 90's porn. May as well grow some sideburns on your dick to go with the socks. ;-) I suppose that's more of a 70's porn thing, but hey, the point remains. Don't do it.
  • That would depend on who's wearing the socks. Could be good for extra traction to hold onto the woman's ankles if... Well, yeah. Well I'm just sayin', if a guy's trying to hold her ankles, well... skin on skin might not be as easy depending. Socks'd help. ;)
  • Socks off... doesn't matter if you're under the covers, over the covers or on the kitchen sink... hehe
  • Off
  • Off unless they are cute or sexy
  • Off! Gotta be naked, and you can't be naked if you still have socks on :) Plus - once you're in the act if you're thinking about socks then you've got bigger problems.
  • Socks off!
  • Without a question, socks off! Now, I'd make an exception for those red boots of yours.
  • Off... what dork keeps socks on? all naked and socks?
  • Okay forget the President's address and questions, I need to answer your question silly one; socks off when u make woopie. LOL
  • LOL Depends on the weather. I hate cold feeet! (double entendre slightly intended... THINK about it....) :) hehe
  • Socks... off... that goes double for hip-hop morons and their sideways baseball caps... idiots don't know why... but your question made me flash on some porn I saw a while ago. Idiots left their dumb hats on. Disrespectful.
  • Socks off EXCEPT when it is really really cold because cold feet can be too distracting sometimes.
  • Off!!! Plus, I'm not the hugest fan of the term "making whoopee" but no socks please!
  • Depends. How cold is it in the room? and how cute are the socks?
Myself. In an ideal situation I would have to say that the socks should be off. Though in a really good session; if I happen to, or he happens to leave his socks on - I will not stop mid way through sex just to have the socks removed! Also, I suppose quickies in unusual places don't count... one of those quickies in which almost all clothes are left on... hehe


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