Monday, March 16, 2009

People are cold...

I didn't know what I would write about next here. But something/someone inspired me today to come back. While reading tweets I happened to catch one of my followers make the following comment:

"Apparently some girl died that went to my school either overdosed on some drug or suicide.. she was stupid anyway never did shit in school".

That comment was then followed by this one a few minutes later...

"I know this would sound mean but one less idiot on this planet now"

Now I don't know what your reaction is to reading these lines, but mine was absolute disbelief. How could a person be that cold and thoughtless. No matter how smart or not smart, good or bad looking, short or tall... every single human life is precious. Every single one. That girl I'm sure had a family, people who loved her. To be ridiculed after her death and almost celebrating in the fact that she is gone, well I just find it repulsive. 

I have lost two very important people in my life. My mother and my brother. I am sure they were not liked by every single person that crossed their path, but they most certainly were loved and cherished by many... as I'm sure was the case with this girl mentioned above. 

This is most certainly one of those instances where if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Why go out of your way to disrespect a person you hardly knew, if this person even knew them at all???? To belittle a soul that has just recently passed. This person mentioned the possible means of her passing, but does it matter at all how this girl died? No... not in the least. 

I am just absolutely repulsed by the comments made and will be unfollowing. Every person is entitled to their own opinion, but my goodness; this person has crossed a line that I just can not accept.

To whoever that girl may be, you are in my thoughts. Let this persons negative energy be erased by my positive energy. I may not have known you, but you were living just as I am now. May you rest in peace.

Respect the ones that are gone. Do not judge ones you did not know. Appreciate this life while you have it. Any second, it could be your last breath.


Matt Mernagh said...

excellent post! very sad the lack of respect for life we have in our society. very sad. most likely those who have never experienced lost are the ones doing the disrespecting. M ps - get over that blogger's block

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