Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hand that gadget over...

We now live in a very technology driven world. Long gone are the days of just typewriters and pencils. Most of us now rely on electronic gadgets to get us through our days. Two of the most popular devices that people use on an every day basis are their computer(s) and their cell phone. This thought made me wonder about something and ask the following question:

If you had to... would you choose to go without your cell phone for a day, or your computer?

These are all of the responses I got. Mind you, on this question I got some responses even I didn't understand, but I posted them anyway! Enjoy!
  • Cell for sure
  • At least you can tweet on your cell phone
  • I often go for a whole day without my computer. My iPhone sets me free.
  • Cell phone! I hardly use it, but I couldn't live without my laptop *hugs it*. It's actually a big piece of crap, crashes all the time, never does what I want it to! Be we are partners in crime! ;)
  • I'd go without the cell.
  • If I had to choose, I'd do without the computer. I can do most if not all from my cell phone anyway, plus take pics, make calls.
  • My computer, since I can basically do everything on my cell...
  • Die, cell phone, die!
  • Cell phone.
  • Oh, no contest here. The cell phone. I know, I can get to the Internet thru the phone, but, no one call me on the puter!
  • Computer for sure!
  • Phone!
  • I would give up my computer for a day because if anything comes up people can contact me easier. ;)
  • Definitely my computer... Cuz my phone has all my apps!! & twitterstuff!
  • Without computer, my cell does everything I really need.
  • No computer; cellphone, it has everything, web, gps, music.
  • I could go without my computer because I have an iPhone :D It's almost as good as a computer!
  • I'd go without my cell phone. It would be nice! :)
  • My computer
  • I could live without my cell for a day, but my computer is my lifeblood!
  • I work at a hospital & everyone, employees, patients & visitors all had phones stuck to their ears. no phones and no 1 could function.
  • In answer to that COMPUTER my dear... easier to hit the keys and have multiple random conversations at once :)
  • Cell
  • Computer here, can't live without my Blackberry!
  • Go without my cell phone easy
  • My cell phone, my computer = money
  • I could go without my phone anyway, but don't take away my computer. :P
  • I would go without my cell, don't use it that much anyway
  • Computer, since I already do that when I go to work
  • I would go without my cell phone for a day. I'm much more connected with my computer. ;-)
  • I go without my cell phone, unless it was an iPhone, which I don't have... you can wish though, can't you!!!
  • Definitely would go without my cell phone... since stay home & have long distance land line now I don't use my cell
  • Please don't take them... I'm a poor lonely soul without my implements
  • Cell phone I guess if I had to! It'd kill my soul though! LOL
  • Without Phone. Always. Wouldn't be able to get much done at work without the computer. oooh now that's an idea lol
  • Ok, I'll play. Both. Wait. Neither. Are substitutions available? Clearly, the choice is simple: I'd go without.... (wiseguy, lol)
  • Without cell. I work from home
So that's it... all the answers I received. Myself, I would much rather go without my phone, but I could go without either if needed. Amazing how much we rely on technology now a days. I love it though... keep the inventions coming!!!!

xoxo ~Silly


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