Sunday, March 22, 2009


Most of us have been faced with a significant other cheating on us. Whether we catch them 'red-handed' or simply catch them from word of mouth... Finding out either way doesn't hurt any less. I've fallen victim to a cheater more than once in my life unfortunately, and have handled it differently with each person. I was a bit curious how other people handled this situation so I posed the following question:

What would you do, or what have you done when finding out your significant other has cheated on you?

Here are all of the answers I received... Enjoy

  • Never happened to me, thank God, but... I dread to think, I'd be such a mess :(
  • After initial horrible pain, I actually tried to work it out. Realized later that she just wasn't "done". Bad times.
  • I can easier describe what I wouldn't do. In a word, stay. Everyone gets a second chance, but sometimes things can't get put back. The trick is to be able to see when the damage is fatal and when work can save a relationship. Not an easy task.
  • I literally kicked down the door and threw her and her clothes outside! (I call him my EX for a reason)
  • The answer to your question would depend 100% on the circumstances involved. Lots of emotions and dynamics involved there.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you forgive and work to rebuild trust.
  • I'd wish them good luck without me.
  • After much pleading and promising from her, I let it go... until 3 months later when I discovered it again (with a 2nd person)
  • I would put my whole poker bankroll to either make it big within a year or get a change to start over in life.
  • Let's just say it would require a scalpel & restraints.
  • I need a significant other first :S but I don't know exactly and don't want to find out either, probably just avoid them and call them my ex.
  • To my knowledge, I've never been cheated on, or cheated, but I'd tell the person to hit the bricks. No if's and's or but's!
  • I just did a poll on this last Wednesday on my blog - people were pretty forgiving, for the most part.
  • I'll take "Find another significant other!" Survey says! lol
  • Best thing to do is simply walk away. Don't stoop to his/her/their level.
  • For me personally, I divorced his ass, but not 'til I made him move out the very next day. They're still together & have 4 kids. Yeah. Weird.
  • I think I'd sue for twivorce! Or at least get twerapy... but I'm a twealous lover so... twivorce on second thought.
  • Leave him. Simple, and I wouldn't go back.
  • Become friends with her and invite her to dinner then I'd leave his sorry ass with all the bills!
  • Donkey punched myself.
  • Before, or after, the funeral?
  • It involved a crow bar, super glue, a weed eater, a pair of pliers, a deck of cards, a canister of peanuts, some duct tape.
  • In answer to your question, it depends on many factors. The only thing for sure is that it hurts deeply in the soul...
Lots of varied answers to this question. I suppose in summation it all depends on the individuals, the circumstances surrounding the events, and how strong the relationship was before the cheating took place. Either way, being the victim of cheating is never an easy thing to cope with... and although a person may be strong enough to move 'past' an indiscretion, it never leaves the memory. Just like any other pain caused in life whether it be physical or mental, it leaves a scar. It changes in a way how we perceive things and how we proceed in life. 

Love the one you are with and think twice if you are about to become 'The Cheater'.

xoxo ~Silly


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