Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad sex or wait?

This was the question posed:
If you had gone 6 months without SEX & you had the opportunity to have sex but knew it would be bad, would you do it, or wait for great sex?

Here are the responses... 

  • If you've been out of practice for 6 months it's going to be bad sex no matter what you do :)
  • I vote to make the sex better if it is bad!
  • Better none than bad.
  • I think I'd do it :) ...meaning choice for bad sex
  • Just do it ...meaning choice for bad sex
  • If it had ONLY been 6 months... I'd consider myself a lucky guy
  • In a cocaine heartbeat. Bad sex is better than no sex.
  • I'd think I'd wait.
  • I'd do it. After six months, even bad sex is decent sex :)
  • DO IT! :D ...meaning choice for bad sex
  • I would do it ...meaning choice for bad sex
  • People are actually having sex out there without inviting me to join in? How rude!
  • Definitely wait
  • 6 months? I'd stick it down a mud hole!
  • Could I have both? Pretty please! ;-)
  • I'd probably try to wait and break down quickly.
  • Hold out for great sex :) Heck, I've waited that long, I can wait a little longer.
  • Um... I haven't had sex in over 7 years... so I guess my answer would have to be that I would definitely wait. *shrugs*
  • No sex is probably better than bad sex. At least you can have good sex by yourself if you get creative, no? ;)
  • Hold out, no question
  • I'd wait for good sex at that point- cause great sex doesn't just happen. :)
  • 6 months? Don't wait, that's just fking painful
My answer... I would most certainly wait. Bad sex is almost a tease, leaving you unfilled, messy and most always finishing the task by yourself... might as well wait and focus all my energy on mind blowing sex.


Melodyhenbrooke said...

Ummm bad sex... its different I think for guys... get satisfaction easier than most women... For ME bad sex is much WORSE than no sex. Might as well do it with myself, because at least it's going to end up with some kind of resolution. LIke you said, bad sex is just a tease... Funny thing though, not having orgasm doesn't make it "bad sex" for me. Sometimes I just revel in the lust of my husband and enjoy his pleasure even when I am not up for an orgasm. Great Sex is more than just orgasms.... check out

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