Thursday, February 5, 2009

What is the strangest thing *you* ever ate?

I'll tell ya, I asked this question having no idea what would come of it... well, end result is that we put a lot of strange things in our mouths.  After seeing some of the answers of this particular question, I lost my appetite very fast! So if you've got a weak tummy, or lame taste buds like mine, you might want to reconsider reading this! Just fair warning...

  • Conger Eel and Horse
  • I try to keep strange things out of my mouth... o.O *giggles*
  • Kidneys
  • Roasted beetle larvae in Peru and I like it
  • Crocodile. Tastes like very soft chicken. I'm dead serious.
  • um, probably quail eggs... nasty nasty
  • In Japan I tried something roughly translated to "Fish Stomach"
  • Snails, frogs legs, alligator 
  • I'm guessing the strangest thing I ever ate was insect legs in my candy bars. NEVER AGAIN!
  • Apparently, a chocolate bar with insect legs in it.
  • Scrapple (look this one up on Wikipedia... pretty horrifying)
  • Monkey brains in Argentina
  • Probably the time I had goat meat in Switzerland... I'm a vegetarian now


Loukas Koufodontes said...

Last summer, we went to Cancun for vacation. My son and I took a tour to Chichen Itza and ate at a Mayan village. You can read about it here:

Or, just read the breakdown of our meals below:

Our BBQ chicken wings and tortilla wraps were BBQ iguana.
The chopped meat inside the pepper/potato was armadillo
The quesadillas and the soup were some sort of rodent
And the deep fried fish was nothing more than rattlesnake

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