Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Posed the question: Have you ever had a nickname? Do you have one now? Here are the responses... 

  • Deedubau, Dw
  • Lea, L, LL
  • As a child my nickname was Peach Pit. No nickname now, however some find Gina too long so they call me G
  • Swede, Svedka
  • Dr. Shock
  • My poker nickname is Batman
  • LB - 25 years ago
  • Fesh (used by all my friends and family)
  • Fish
  • Matty (something my fiance and mom use)
  • Gonzo
  • I don't have a nickname per se, lots of people call me bitch, slut, tramp, but I consider them terms of endearment.
  • Tomster is what my close friends call me
  • Some buddies used to call me thug, when I lived the thugish lifestyle.
  • I have several! Gina Bean, Reheenie, Heenie, Peanut, Regizzle, Regi
  • My nicknames have ranged from Lizzie, Zeezee, Zaza, Li (said as 'lie') and Hey You!
  • Watty!
  • Jelly
  • B
  • Ari Nae is my nickname... last three letters of my first and middle name
  • Jones, Roo, Perrier Rain Water
I myself can't say I've had any nicknames in the past... not ones I'd mention anyway... recently I have been called just plain 'Silly'  


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