Friday, February 13, 2009

Fifty Million...

Most of us have fantasized about what it would be like to "hit the jackpot", become an overnight millionaire!! Well, I was curious what people would spend those first few thousand on... so I posed the following question:

If you won $50 million dollars, what would you purchase?
  • A few wells for charity: water... and a new Macbook Pro
  • The best damn set of Attorneys and Accountants on the planet!
  • 50 million? Uhm... Lots of iPhone chargers or wait... No, I would buy a whole street, put houses on it and double the money :-) hehe would be a smart plan, isn't it... I think :-))
  • "Amazing Fantasy #15" - the 1st comic book appearance of Spider-Man
  • If I won millions I would first buy a new truck. F-250 Gun Metal Gray
  • If I won $50 million, I buy all my debts... then a new house... then a couple of cars, Macs, and TV's... I's save the rest. I have a Macbook now. If I won the lotto, then I could buy the big iron for a REAL video edit suite & get a Modbook or 2.
  • A Lexus RX 350
  • House, cars, all bills paid off for me and family, trust for kids, some to church, invest the rest, whole family vacation
  • My first purchase would be beach front real estate.
  • I think I'd give my house and everything in it to a family that's lost their crib to foreclosure.
  • A space rocket :) ...Wait. I'd probably need some more money for that. I'd have a jet pack made.
  • Probably a Corvette - Stingray, definitely!
  • A house, a nice car, pay for my siblings education, pay off my fiance's student loans and never work again. It's not *my* debt. Wait... fuck, when I get married it will be. Fuck. Oh well.
  • If I won $50 million I would buy a house, give money to charities, and then put the rest away for a rainy day.
  • W/$50mm I'd buy 4 annuities. 1 for each child's education, 1 for Mom in her dottage and 1 to pay for wife & my retirement.
  • Buying myself a life that is student loan debt free. Then a house for moms and house on the beach somewhere.
  • What would I purchase... a new house and car, then invest for college for the kids, and then save a few hundred dogs and cats.
  • I'm going to the LA Boat Show today, could spend some of those millions very easily this afternoon, I'll fantasize about it.
  • I would donate 45 million to various charities, buy a house, a new car, and go to school for the next 8 years without working.
  • I'd buy a working farm, invest a large chunk for the future, clone my dog Judah, get some plastic surgery & never work again.
  • an ex-soviet submarine,  and use it to sink whaling ships and harass seal killers... and to take me to the Bahamas ;-)
  • A house I design myself, then I'd make it completely solar/wind powered. Plane tickets for all my friends to visit.
  • I would purchase a secret island and get an '82 Delorean.
  • I think I'd buy a congressman. Not a big one, maybe like one from Rhode Island or something, I don't think you could get a better model for less than $50 million. ;-) ... Although I've heard Barney Frank is on sale. Must be a President's Day thing.
  • My soul.
  • A few businesses and a jet.
  • Pay off my student loan and buy a pack of Ramen Noodles with what's left over.
If I won $50 million... The very first thing I would buy is a car... I'm not sure why, but something I have always wanted to do is go to a car dealership, pick out my favorite vehicle, and then just hand the salesperson cold hard cash... with of course an awesome bonus for him/her just because.

Other than that... I would spend the rest of my life being that secret someone that sent people money 'just because'. Tip every waiter/waitress a ridiculous amount. Help out the every day people that need it the most. Just help them anonymously though. No need for praise or recognition, just the ability to do it would be one of the greatest gifts. You can't take money with you when you die, so it would be my personal mission to literally spread the wealth until my dying day. Oh, what a joy that would be... one can dream, right? :)
Oh... and I would so want a money tree in my backyard!!!! Wooooooooo


Matt Rendo said...

Kick ass, first comment AND my answer got listed (@mattrendo)

Anonymous said...

give it all away as fast as possible!!!

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