Tuesday, February 24, 2009


An interesting page I came across with what each birth month means in regards to personality, characteristics, etc. Below is what my birth months said about me, most of what it listed is incredibly true...
  1. Attractive personality (I would like to think so!)
  2. Affectionate (Always have been)
  3. Shy and reserved (I definitely have my shy side)
  4. Secretive (A hint of mystery is never a bad thing, right?)
  5. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic (Couldn't have said it better myself)
  6. Loves peace and serenity (Who doesn't, pure bliss)
  7. Sensitive to others (Very much so)
  8. Loves to serve others (In ways I didn't even realize until recently)
  9. Not easily angered (It takes a lot to get this girl fired up)
  10. Trustworthy (I can be trusted with anything)
  11. Appreciative and returns kindness (Karma, karma, karma)
  12. Observant and asses others (Quietly I have always done this)
  13. Revengeful (Not so much my style, but it's happened)
  14. Loves to dream and fantasize (Oh I am certainly a dreamer)
  15. Loves traveling (and I so wish I could do more of it!)
  16. Loves attention (to a point... I like to go unnoticed at times as well)
  17. Loves home decors (huh, don't really get this one, lol)
  18. Musically talented (Nope, I've played 4 different instruments, sucked at them all!)
  19. Loves special things (Now this is very true, I cherish my special things)
  20. Moody (Yup, I'm a moody girl... he he)
If you want to check your month out you can go to this site and find it http://www.bentbay.dk/How_months12.htm


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