Thursday, February 26, 2009

Questions, questions...

Ok... so here we go. I posed the following question:

What talent or ability do *you* wish *you* had?

These are all the responses I received...

  • Umm Talent?? I'm going to say some free running talent would be nice, very nice.
  • "I" wish that "I" could write poetry.
  • I wish I could learn many languages. If that's a talent, probably not.
  • The ability to set people on fire... with my MIND
  • The ability to be alert. Now being alert without caffeine would be a superpower.
  • The ability to travel time; and to see what important historical event? the last sex pistols concert!
  • Talent - I wish I could sing or at least carry a tune
  • hmmm. I imagine beautiful scenes. I wish I had a talent for painting.
  • To be invisible... and I'd love to be able to paint
  • I wish I had the ability to write creatively and be able to entertain with my writing.
  • The ability to speak several foreign languages fluently.
  • oooooo I wish I could play an instrument
  • Gene Simmons Tongue!
  • Laser vision. Don't ask me why lol... because I don't know. Just would be pretty darn cool. That and flying. :D
  • Instant transmission.
  • The ability to go in my wallet and always find large bills in it.
  • The ability to freeze time.
  • I would like the ability to never have to poo... come to think of it; I'd like my dog to have that ability too. :)
xoxo ~Silly


Batman said...

Will have to try harder next time, to get my response on your list :)

J. Cain said...

Hey Sue - ronnoc from Twitter here. 'Grats on your new blog! Hmmmm - I'd want mental telepathy :) (Bi-Directional, of course)

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