Monday, February 16, 2009

Too many accounts...

I have too many email accounts! Why do I feel compelled to keep them all. I mean, when you move from one apartment or house to the next, you forward ALL your mail to your new property. Why can't I do the same thing with my email accounts? As it is now I have 2 Yahoo accounts, 1 Hotmail account, and 1 Gmail account. Hmmm... I DO NOT NEED THEM! Oh yes, and apparently I have 1 tumblr email account from when I tried to set up a blog there. So, that is 5 email accounts. I primarily use 1 of the Yahoo accounts for work, and my Gmail account. My Hotmail originally started for spam but I over time gave the address to a couple of people. 1 of my Yahoo accounts I only check to keep the account active, but why is beyond me, maybe I like the name?  I really should cut it down to two... possibly one... but could I ever truly do it, methinks no... that might take therapy!!! lol

It's not only email addresses, I could not possibly count how many online companies and banks I am registered with. Almost every password at this point is different, almost a guessing game when I try to access an account I haven't used in a couple weeks. I used to be incredibly organized with all the web site names, user names, passwords, but over time I have even slacked on keeping them in order.  There really needs to be some kind of secure program that literally keeps every user name, password and web address in one easy to find location, so I can quit stressing my brain out the next time I want to log in somewhere.  Although as I type that, I would probably doubt the programs stability and security and not use it. Oy.

So anyway... there is my little tirade about all my accounts, which was prompted this morning when I tried to log in to my Hotmail account and was rejected over 4 times because I couldn't remember the freaking password!!! d'oh


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