Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling like 'me' again...

The past few months have changed me in ways that I could never properly describe.  Certain events, people that have entered my life... in a way these past few months have been an eye opener for me.  I am the person who likes to make everyone else around me happy, no matter what the cost; even if it means sacrificing my own happiness, I have done that my entire life.

These past few months, for the first time in my entire life I feel comfortable being who I am, truly being who I am.  The silly side, the serious side, the romantic side, even the naughty side.  Every side of who I am has been able to shine.  I owe a lot of this to one particular person.  This person has inspired me, has made me feel like me just being me is good enough, for everyone.  That right there is a gift.  

In a way I have been given 'me' back, and you know what?  ...people seem to really enjoy the real me.  Not the people pleaser, not the fake smiling Sue, but the real me.  I've realized that if they don't like who I am, then there are plenty of people out there who do, and it is such a glorious and comforting feeling. 

Inspiration comes in many forms and I believe it depends on the person... what would motivate you to do something you love?  To remember something you love?  If we all knew, we would do it.  

Most all of us just want happiness out of life, and if we knew how to obtain it, we would do what was necessary to get to that point.  I was lucky enough to have inspiration thrust upon me in an unexpected way by a very special person.  I am doing something I love again.  I am writing again.  Writing is such a blissful release for me, I had forgotten how much I truly did enjoy it.  I don't care who reads it, sees it, I just love doing it.  Being creative again for myself.  I have had so much variety introduced to me in the past few months due to Twitter.  People from all over the country, the world... sharing their views on life on movies on music, on everything from how they like their morning coffee to how a love has broken their heart.  

This world is a splendid mix of all varieties of people and the more I know, the more I want to know.  The more I crave it, desire it.  I love learning, and in the past few months I have learned so much... about myself, about others, about life... I don't want this to stop, I want to continue to learn and grow intellectually and as a person.  Thank you Twitter, and thank you 'unknown' for introducing me to the Twitterverse.


Chaos said...

We all look for inspiration around us in the people and places we see everyday. Some never find it. You are blessed to have discovered yours. :)

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