Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Most embarrassing moment...

I posed the question: What was your most embarrassing moment? This question was compliments of tomster2... Read, be ready for R rated... and enjoy!!!

  • During a BJ from my GF in the driveway of my car having her parents pull up behind, then knock on the windows to say hello. Oops!
  • My mom caught me masturbating... With a cucumber. It was pretty tragic.
  • Ran into a guy I graduated with & was friends with. Called him Randy. His name is Rusty (& he has BRIGHT red hair.) How could I forget?
  • My most embarrassing moment oh dear, my one happened in France and includes a math teacher ehem... I was in France and only 13 could not find a toilet, so went for a piss round the back of some garages, I got interrupted. Well got disturbed when having to piss, pulled my zip up too fast got dick got in zip, teacher, she had to free me, I got hard :) Took a few weeks for the cut to heal and the rest of my time at that school (to heal) lol, the teacher never looked at me the same way again. It was totally embarrassing at the time, but I laugh at it now and it really does make me laugh to remember it. :)
  • Pee-ing in my pants in 2nd grade in class. Ooooops. I'm potty trained now though.
  • While sleeping on my parents couch, my father caught me masturbating... in my sleep. I had no idea it happened until my mother told me.
  • 8th grade, cub scout pancake breakfast, talking to a boy from my class, leaning against a pole with my hands behind my back... I look down and my dress is completely unbuttoned from neck to waist, the only saving grace was I had a slip on.
  • I once exclaimed jokingly but not intentionally "Oh Gawd, I'm such a retard!" at a Special Olympics gala dinner.


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