Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not just for bed...

What is the strangest/oddest/coolest/most memorable place *you* ever had sex?

Here are the answers that I received to the above question...
  • In the ocean, very weird
  • Public park on the grass by a stream, lunchtime on a weekday
  • What is sex?
  • I don't think anywhere all that strange ~ a vehicle?
  • Central Park
  • My boss's desk after hours with a blond girl from accounting; pretty memorable. Especially the next day when I met with him.
  • In the surf on Pensacola Beach after dark, stars in the sky, people watching from their balconies but unable to identify me at night.
  • Mine was a car wash... or at work... every Saturday for like two months straight... at 6:15 -6:30... gotta love quickies at work
  • Roof top with lotta offices looking down at the roof where we were - daytime
  • Got da be the bosses desk. That was a good time!
  • Sex in a river in Belize with crocs
  • Strangest place wasn't all that strange, but it was in the back of my truck parked along side the highway next to a cemetery.
  • Grand Canyon
  • An abandoned church... also hood of car outside my house, late late one night in college
  • Public bathroom while people were knocking on the door
  • In a hot tub while my parents were upstairs asleep.
  • While at a Christmas party for work, outside in my bosses van.
  • Parking Lot, Universal Studios in an '86 Scirocco
  • US Senate elevator. And no, it wasn't with anyone imporant :)
Myself... I have quite a few 'original' places and stories I could share... but I'm thinking I'll need another blog post to devote them to... ;-)


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