Friday, February 20, 2009

Boobs or Donuts?

Another day, another question... somehow throughout today I brought up the topic of donuts, and then the topic of boobs. Not exactly which order, but the response I got to these two topics was quite astounding. So with that turn of events it prompted me to ask the question...

What catches *your* attention more? Boobs or Donuts?

I hadn't planned on blogging about this one, but the response was just awesome, and gave me many much needed laughs. Below are all the answers I received! 
  • LOL! They do go hand in hand... pun intended! Ha... ha
  • I would certainly say the former (donuts)
  • Ummm, depends on the donuts?
  • Easy, and I think you know my answer... (boobs)
  • boobs
  • What are donuts again? Sorry, you said boobs and everything else seemed to fade away.
  • donuts as I don't need more boobs :-)
  • it's not donuts ;-)
  • it's tough to pass up a good donut. At least I know if the donut's stuffed or not.
  • boobs!
  • hahahahah boobs! and a nice smile!
  • Most definitely BOOBS!!!
  • Jelly or hydro gel, sugar or saline, plain or natural... can't just choose without more examination :)
  • Has to be donuts. It just has to be... they just taste too good.
  • Well - technically every vote for boobs is actually two votes.... Put my two in ;-)
  • Boobs FTW (for the win) every. Single. Time.
  • boobs
  • small boobs for sure!
  • BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!
  • "boobs"
  • DEFINITELY boobs. Not a big doughnut fan. ;-) (I'm assuming the doughnut votes were from women?) ....and just a side note from me on that comment... a lot of the votes from women were boobs, including myself! he he :-)
  • boobs
  • um... what kinda donuts? lol
  • You're kidding, right?? You can get full from donuts
  • boobs
  • boobiesboobiesboobiesboobiesboobiesboobiesboobies
  • Boobs. Without a question.
  • In a world of zen or quantum physics both are the same :)
  • boobs... but those holes in donuts make them obvious pasties if u need a peek at nipples
  • How about donuts :]
  • The first option (boobs). I like donuts, but not that much
  • Boobs
  • boobs. donuts would go straight to my ass
  • boobs yo
  • Ok, you win. Boobs.
  • boobs, definitely :)) donuts make one fat
  • Boobs. Just in case I ever need spares.
  • everyone is saying boobs, so it's a must. BOOBS
  • to buy... boobs... to lick frosting off of... well... donuts!
  • Ditto! (boobs)
  • Boobs, no contest, any kind of boob beats any kind of donut
  • boobs any day
  • of course delicious warm large tits =)
  • boobs
  • That's easy. Boobs.
  • Boobs with doughnuts on them!
(and just as a quick note: I had asked earlier what every ones favorite type of donut was... this was the best response I got, "Favorite donut... thinking... has to be a chocolate long john with cream filling.")


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