Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No power...

Power, electricity, hot water... the simple things that we all take for granted and don't realize how awesome they are until they are gone. Yesterday around 2am we lost power due to a storm that dropped 24" of snow in under a 12 hour time frame. Typically in my area power is restored very quickly when it goes out, well... not this time. Last night once more I was without power. Luckily I have a generator so I was able to have heat and keep the refrigerator plugged in. If all the food in that refrigerator were lost, I could only guess how much money would be lost in spoiled food. I honestly thought when I came home from work yesterday that power would be restored already and life would resume as usual. I was wrong. I ended up going out for dinner and staying away from the house as long as possible. Returning home I lit as many candles as I could and scattered them about the house. Found a few flashlights and huddled up for the night. Hoping the power would pop back on but no such luck. Even my dog was disliking the power outage. It's the first one he's experienced and for whatever reason it spooked him. He sat in the corner most of the night just staring at me with his sad confused doggie eyes. So here is a list of some downfalls of not having power at my house...
  • No hot water = no shower 
  • No lights
  • No Internet
  • No television
  • Have to use my cell phone for an alarm clock, which is not loud enough at all
  • Can't do laundry (it's a freaking mountain right now)
  • Can't do any cooking
  • Cleaning is next to impossible
  • Brushing teeth is a pain in the ass and only possible because of bottled water... lol
  • Getting dressed in the dark sucks, but it's kind of funny
  • Listening to a generator all night long
  • Making sure the generator has enough gas to do its' job
  • Can't flush the toilet, which is so not a good thing
  • Worst part, seriously, is not being able to take a shower... if power is not restored when I get home then I will be heading to a friends house to take a very very very hot shower!!
Um... that's pretty much all my complaining on the power thing. Hopefully when I get home from work tonight it will be turned on... but who knows!! :)


Mernahuana said...

there's plenty of great activities to do when there's no power. how about listing those next time :)

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